Accenture falls short of India hiring target

Ruchi Hajela, Hindustan Times
Email Author
New Delhi, May 17, 2009

The Indian arm of global IT consulting giant Accenture, which was hiring furiously to scale up operations, has fallen short of meeting its hiring targets in the country.
When he visited India last April, when Accenture’s India headcount was 37,000, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer William D Green had said that the country headcount would reach 50,000 in a year’s time.

But now, the count stands at 40,000, as much as 10,000 below the target – interrupted by a economic crisis that has resulted in companies scaling down hiring and customers applying the brakes on IT spending.

“Managing supply and demand of our resources remains a top priority in Accenture and we balance the skills of our workforce against client changing needs and to improve efficiency. We continue to recruit in skill areas where we need additional capacity to meet client demand,” an Accenture spokesperson said in response to HT’s query.

Last year, Dell also backtracked on its hiring plans for the country.


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