Bid lower to get that post: portal turns jobs into tenders

Ruchi Hajela, Hindustan Times
Email Author
New Delhi, May 15, 2009

In a job market where opportunities are fewer than ever, it is now possible to auction jobs and get jobseekers to bid. Other things remaining comparable, the one who bids to work for the lowest pay gets the job.

Filip Narula, a 23-year-old student and part-time investment banker of Indian origin and his childhood friend Robert Hjelmberg, a year older, have founded, an India-specific Internet site on which anyone can post job vacancies free. The recruiter offers the maximum salary, and the lower bidder gets the job.

“This way recruiters will be able to tap the lowest bidder with the maximum experience,” Narual told Hindustan Times. Job portals have thus far let recruiters surf through resumes on the basis of qualifications and experience.

The founders of GoJob got the idea from US-based site founded by four college students in March last year.

“It has been tough to handle the stress from school, work and at the same time start the company so we took a break from our studies to focus on building the site,” said Narula.

The site is yet to go live and the founders expect to generate revenue through banner advertisements. No deals have been finalised yet.

Recruiters, however, insist that such an idea may be limited to hiring for positions that demand low-skilled workers. “ Hiring is a serious business and such an auction process can only work for hiring unskilled resources,” said Ajeet Chauhan, vice-president, human resources and training, at food chain Nirulas, which has no connection with the founder of GoJob.


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