Twinkle twinkle little star

IMG_9581 Firework displays have a way of making one feel festive. I absolutely love the bright designs painted against the dark sky and the sounds that go with it.

Over the last few weeks, there were numerous firework shows across London and its suburbs. It started towards the end of October and culminated with planned displays to celebrate Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night last weekend. Guy Fawkes night is annually celebrated in this country on November 5 to mark the capture of a person named Guido Fawkes who participated in a plot to attack the English parliament. This year there were prolonged firework displays to celebrate this day as November 5 fell on a Wednesday.


I had the absolute joy of watching numerous fireworks right through the windows of my home. It helps that I live in a high rise and that there are no other tall buildings around to block my view. Every evening there were numerous fireworks across the horizon. At a given time, I could see 7-10 different displays bringing alive the dark and clear winter sky in a magical way. My camera couldn’t capture a 180 degree view of the fireworks as most of these were happening really far away.


My toddler thinks these are actually stars twinkling in the sky, fireworks in the sky surely weave some magic!


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