DIY Peppa Pig cupcakes

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Like most children her age, my daughter loves Peppa Pig. So for her birthday, I decided to bake chocolate cupcakes at home and decorate them with Peppa Pig toppers.

I have no baking experience whatsoever but imagining the delight on my little one’s face on seeing Peppa pig cupcakes was enough to get me going.

I first ordered the edible rice paper toppers from Harold’s Bakeware on Amazon. The 48 decoration toppers included Peppa pig herself, her friends Suzy sheep, Zoe zebra, Danny dog, Candy cat, Emily Elephant, Rebecca rabbit, George and also three pieces of the Peppa Pig’s family. It cost me less than £2 and they arrived within 3 days.

I made chocolate cupcakes using Sanjeev Kapoor’s (a famous indian chef) method:

We basically need to add together 3 different mixtures: Egg+ sugar whisked; melted chocolate+melted butter and flour + baking powder+cocoa powder.

1) Mixture 1 – Beat 3 eggs and whisk them in a bowl for about 3-5 minute. Add sugar, I used my own estimate, and keep whisking

2) Mixture 2 – Melt chocolate in microwave. I used dark Belgian chocolate and it took about a minute to melt. Some chocolates melt quickly and one has to be careful about not overheating the chocolate in microwave. Melt butter by placing it in a bowl for about half a minute in the microwave. Mix melted chocolate and butter.

3) Mixture 3 – In a separate bowl, sift flour and baking soda, I also added some cocoa powder.

4) To mixture 3, add the chocolate-butter mixture (keep some of the mixture aside for using in icing later), and the egg-sugar mixture slowly.

5) Add milk to get the right consistency and a few drops of vanilla essence to taste

6) Grease moulds or paper cups and fill the mixture only till half as the cupcakes swell up while baking

7) Place in a preheated over at 180degree Celsius and the cupcakes are ready in about 10-15 minutes

8) For icing, add icing sugar to the butter-chocolate mixture, the belgian chocolate was really bitter so I had to use a LOT of icing sugar, add till you get the right consistency and taste

9) with a knife, I covered the baked cupcakes with icing, and placed them in the fridge for the icing to set

My husband cut out the cupcake toppers and as my icing had somewhat set, he simply placed them vertically on each cupcake. We could also paste them on the cupcake surface with a bit of icing but the toppers looked nice standing up as well.

Though it might seem like a long list of steps, the actual time in preparing these cakes was less than 45 minutes.

My daughter was super excited on seeing her favourite characters come alive on her “chocate cake” as she calls it.

If I could make these Peppa Pig cupcakes at home, anyone can!


2 thoughts on “DIY Peppa Pig cupcakes”

  1. very cute! I used to spend hours making and decorating my sons’ birthday cakes, and each time I would tell myself I wouldn’t do it again, but I always did. Until they were older and liked dairy queen icecream cakes…


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