Cyberattacks emerge as real threats in digital world

In an increasingly digital world where organisations and individuals store more data virtually, cyberattacks and misuse of data have emerged as real threats.

Last week, a global cyberattack affected nearly 200000 machines in 150 countries. Computers running on the older version of Microsoft operating system were impacted. Users were locked out of accessing their files and the hackers demanded $300 in ransom for providing access, resulting in disruptions and delays at workplaces. Imagine being locked out home of your home and being asked to pay up to access your belongings.

cyberattacks may 2017In the UK, healthcare services were affected as the ransomware locked up computers and equipment storing patient data, which means doctor appointments and routine operations had to be cancelled or postponed. This was such a severe event that the highest government authorities held crisis meetings that take place during national emergencies. In other countries, telephone giants, carmakers, universities or even police services were disrupted. We don’t yet know how much data was accessed and stolen by the hackers but thankfully no such reports have emerged yet.

At the individual level, newer dangers have emerged. We are living our lives increasingly in the virtual world and hence leaving a massive footprint that can be misused to manipulate us. In what seems like the plot of a thriller, there are reports that political parties rely on analytics based profiling and manipulation of user data to target their messages and gain voter support. For example, if you are profiled as a blue collared worker, you might end up seeing both real and fake news about spoils of the rich or a nationalist might be bombarded with messages about the perils of globalisation.

Apparently, the seemingly harmless and fun quizzes on Facebook that reveal your personality traits or even your ‘likes’ help analytics firms to draw a personal profile of the user, which can then be used for targeted campaigns. The danger of such messaging is that it only reinforces your beliefs without making you aware of the other points of views, thereby altering your reality.

Imagine how uncomfortable it would feel if someone were to stalk you all day and make a record of everything you did ranging from where you went, how you went there, how well you slept, what you ate etc. The nearly 30 apps on my smartphone do precisely the above and strangely enough I have given them access trusting my data is safe.


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