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Brightly lit-up London dispels wintry gloom



Christmas has just gone by and one can’t help but admire the beauty of Christmas lighting that brings cheer to the cold and dark winter days. December marks the onset of winter and the days in UK are short with darkness setting in from even earlier than 4 pm. The days can feel particularly gloomy in the absence of much light and near zero degree temperatures requiring one to stay indoor. Thanks to the festive season, excitement starts building up a few weeks in advance as people start readying their homes with lights and other decorations that brighten up the otherwise dark days.

You can see Christmas tree decked with baubles and fairy lights peeking at you through room windows or more extensive outdoor lighting. During my childhood days, mainly my Christian friends and neighbours would keep a decked up Christmas tree adorned with string lights in their living rooms. But now, it is common for people across religions to put up Christmas decorations in their homes as they try to embrace different cultures and celebrate the festive spirit.

in vey elaborate displays by putting up tens of thousands of lights and other embellishments such as an illuminated reindeer, handmade sleighs, fake snow and so on in their gardens. Walking or driving past such homes is a treat to the eyes. People with quirky light displays are covered well by the local and national media. I read about a house that has over 50000 light bulbs on. There was another story about a 22 year old who spent nearly £15000 (Rs 12 lakh) to create a snow scene (among other things) in his garden where children could be pulled by a sleigh. Across the country, there are many families that not only brighten up their neighbourhoods through their glittering displays but also raise money for charities through donations given by visitors.

Towns and major shopping streets also come to life with fancy fairy-tale light displays. For instance, the lights adorning a popular area in Central London are powered by a biofuel based on cooking oil collected from London’s restaurants. There are reportedly 750000 LED bulbs lighting up the snowball-like decorations on the popular shopping destination Oxford Street. No wonder then, the switching on of Christmas lights is an event in itself across the country. The switching on is marked by lantern parades, fireworks displays and musical and dance performances by local children or even popular artistes.

With so much creativity and lighting on display, it is hard not to feel warm inside even when it’s freezing cold outside. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.